After The Rain

So, we are finally out of April now, or as I was calling it this year, “Monsoon Season”, and aways into May.  All that rain meant that I hardly got out into the garden at all, the whole month at April.  That also meant that I am seriously behind.  If you are serious about gardening, you know that you have certain tasks that you get done in the spring to prep your garden for the year.  Those tasks can be even more time-consuming when you garden organically, as I do.  I can’t just spray the weeds and have done with it.  There is a lot of time spent pulling weeds by hand or with tools, especially after the winter is over.  No matter how cold our winter was, it seems that the weeds quadrupled in number during the months I couldn’t get out and deal with them.


Though I am slightly overwhelmed (trying not to freak out), my spirits are high because so many of my spring flowers are starting to bloom.  The alliums are close, the dwarf irises are going crazy, and the tulips are in full swing, a little past their prime.  After I finish weeding, I can top my flower beds with a fresh layer of mulch and make everything look neat.  Chocolate brown is my personal favorite, though I never use the mulch made out of the actual cocoa shells.  Dogs can eat that mulch and become very sick.

In one of my flowerbeds, I found this thing.  I cannot figure out what it is.  At first, I thought it looked like one of my strawberry plants.

If you look at the center stem though, it has a tall, stacked look to it though, and it is obviously much larger than a strawberry plant.   I tried looking it up, and I thought maybe it was indian strawberry (duchesnea indica), but I wasn’t sure.  If anyone knows what it is, I would greatly appreciate input.  I have been holding off on pulling it until I knew better what it was.  It hasn’t bloomed yet, so I can’t tell you anything about fruits or flowers.

My vegetable garden is still ROUGH, so be patient with me.  At the point I took these pictures, I had turned over some of my garden, but I didn’t have very much planted yet.  The bed nearest the camera has spinach and radishes in it.  The middle bed has lettuce in it, and the farthest bed has beets planted in it.

Disregard the half dead basil plant in the background.  I got overly optimistic and planted the basil start I purchased, and then we had a really cold night.  As you can see, my basil paid the price.  Oh well, I can buy another basil.  As long as I’ve been gardening, I still make mistakes.  I heard a wise gardening person say once, “if you aren’t killing plants, you’re not taking enough risks in your gardening.”  I am not sure that statement applies to THIS situation, but we will go with it.

I do have my onions in…and this is actually a picture of that.  My neighbor laughed at me and said if I hadn’t told him those were my onions, he would have thought I just had straw blown around my garden, which I do.  I guess I see his point, the little onion plants haven’t been there long enough for the green shoot to come poking out of the top yet.  So the whole onion bed does have this dried out dead look to it still.  A month from now, and we will see a big difference.

So now that the rain is done, I am looking forward to making some serious headway in the garden.  Hopefully, the next time I post a garden update, I will have my tomatoes, beans, corn and peppers in.  I am definitely ready for the rest of spring, and some warm weather on the way.  What are you working on in your garden right now?  Are you behind like me, or have you got everything in yet?  Leave a comment and tell me about your progress in the garden this spring.


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