Feels Like Fall

Finally, fall is here. I’ve been waiting for it; the crisp, cool mornings, the leaves turning vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange, the sigh of the Earth as it puts on its last, most beautiful show. I am delighted to have an excuse to drag out my tall boots and sweaters and drink hot chocolate. I am secretly (not anymore) obsessed with pumpkins, and this is my time to stack them everywhere and admire their orange, bumpy ugliness. 

The abundance of autumn is now in full swing, and the time is right to do some of my favorite activities of the year with my family. I saw a Fall Bucket List on Pinterest a while back, and that really got me excited (cause my OCD-self is really obsessed with lists).  I took some of the things from their list, and added some of my own to make it more kid-friendly. 

1. Go apple picking at a local orchard. (We did this last Saturday ). 

2. Decorate your porch or table with fall flair. 

3. Take a drive to look at the fall foliage. 

4. Drink apple cider 

5. Bake an (apple) pie. 

6. Make something with pumpkin in it. 

7. Gather some fall leaves and do a craft. 

8. Wear a sweater, scarf and/or boots. (check!)

9. Go to a pumpkin patch (we will be doing this in a few weeks). 

10. Get lost in a corn maze. 

11. Go on a hayride. 

12. Watch a scary movie. 

13. Rake some leaves, and jump in them! 

14. Build a bonfire.
15. Watch a football game. 

16. Carve a pumpkin. 

17. Roast some pumpkin seeds. 

18. Pick out a Halloween costume. 

19. Make chili. 

20. Read some books. 

21. Watch some nature (watch some squirrels eat your pumpkins). 

22. Eat some candy. 

23. Make some cookies.


24. Make caramel apples. 

25. Gather pinecones. 

So there you have it. That ought to keep you busy until wintertime. I’m sure there are things that you and your family do during the fall that aren’t on this list. Feel free to comment and share your ideas. I would love to expand this list even further! 


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