Kitchen Remodel Part Two

So obviously, you haven’t seen any posts from me in quite a while.  In fact, you may be wondering, did they ever finish remodeling their kitchen?  Did she drop off the face of the earth?  Well, I did drop off the face of the earth, because life got in the way this summer.  Is our kitchen remodel finished?…NO.

2014-07-22 12.54.49  I’m sad to say, it is not done.  We tried really hard.  Our goal was to have it done before we went back to school.  That did not happen, in spite of our best intentions.  But we did make a lot of progress on it.

1.  We have a new sink.  Well, it isn’t a new sink, but it is under-mounted now.  And, we got a spiffy new faucet with one of those pull-down sprayers.  Now that the sink is under-mounted, I can get my entire giant stock pot I use for water bath canning quart jars into the sink under the faucet while I fill it up.  I feel like I have a lot more room.

The only problem with the new faucet is that it has a lot more force than the old one.  While this is good in some circumstances, when you are not used to it, and you turn on the faucet not remembering its new-found gusto, you end up with a soaked shirt front.  Or, you spray water all over the floor.  This sink also has the bonus feature that it is NOT leaking underneath.  I especially like this part, which means I am not having to dump bowls of water out everyday to keep from having puddles in my cleaner cabinet.

2.   Our new counter tops are installed!  I am really thrilled to have new counters.  The old ones were a disaster I am not even going to go into again.  It cost a bit more, but we had them professionally cut and installed for us.  We did not feel we had the skill level to even go there on our own, though my husband did remove the old counter tops himself with the help of a friend.

2014-07-05 22.46.35 2014-07-05 22.47.35

  They are granite counter tops, with a sealant coat on top, to greatly reduce the chance of staining or otherwise damaging them.  I think they are just beautiful, and cooking in my kitchen is just fantastic now that I have this lovely surface to work on.  I have been very cautious with tomatoes and juice, now that I am canning, but so far I haven’t had any problems.

3.  The cabinets are all stained and the doors and hardware are put back on!  This was the task that took most of our summer.  We had fits picking out hardware that we thought matched with the sink, while contrasting with the cabinets.  Then we ran into problems with the drawers, because they didn’t have hardware on them before.  Whoever built these drawers made them so tight in the corners that they would not open with the hardware on; they wouldn’t go past each other.

2014-07-23 16.24.01

  My poor husband had to take the fronts of the drawers and recess them into the cabinets so the hardware would fit.  This meant he had to remount the drawer slides as well.  He had fits trying to get it to work.  My job was to keep the baby and the dog out of the way, so daddy could ‘think’.

  After living with most of my dishes in the basement for several weeks, getting cabinets with doors back was a relief.  The hardware was a bonus.  My husband really pushed to do the inside of the cabinets, which I complained about at the time, but now I see how nice it looks.  It really makes my mostly light-colored dishes pop.

  The next step is doing the back splash tile.  That is the phase that we are currently in the middle of.   These are two examples of patterns we tried out, but didn’t end up using as our design.  I think we bought and took back tile 3 or 4 times before we settled on something.

2014-07-03 19.05.16 2014-07-11 16.59.13

  My husband has a lot of attention to detail, which means he takes a really, really long time to do the tile.  I’m not complaining though, because I’m not doing it, and I would rather it be right.  I will put pictures up when the tile process is completely done.  We had to take a break on it to get back into the swing of school again.  At this point, the kitchen feels mostly complete, and I can make meals in there without having to go to other rooms (most of the time).  I am just thankful I’m not washing dishes in the tub anymore.

2014-07-05 22.31.00

Stressed out mama…



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